Friday, January 25, 2013

Iron Maiden to headline Sonisphere 2013

Tickets to Sonisphere 2013 Spain are available for purchase at among other retailers. This year, the festival headlined by Iron Maiden will take place for the first time ever in two cities: Madrid and Barcelona. On May 31st the audience from Madrid will see the likes of Iron Maiden, Danzig, Avantasia, among others yet to be confirmed. Heavy metal fans from Barcelona will have the groups to themselves on June 1st.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

German duet, Lacrimosa visits Madrid and Barcelona on the 18 and 19 of January

Tilo Wollf and Anne Nurmi, aka Lacrimosa, will be playing at Sala Arena in Madrid on Friday January 18th and in Sala Salamandra I in Barcelona the next day.

Created in 1990 under their own record label, Hall of Sermon, Lacrimosa has been a pioneer in several musical styles throughout their more than 20 years of career. A mixture of poetic lyrics (sung mostly in German), that speak of loneliness, darkness, love and despair, along with classical influences and current trends has permitted the first independent German group to record at the Legendary Abbey Road Studios and work with famous orchestras such as the London Symphony.

Their new album, which released at the beginning of September, “Revolution” has been classified by as an exceptionally straightforward album. In an interview with Rock Revolt Magazine, Tilo Wolff explained what the album was about: “I think we are living in a world that is not really suitable for humans with all our needs and desires. We humans created this world and yet we don’t fit into it anymore. This is a tragic joke! We are guided by media that only presents us a version of reality. Most of us are stuck in a job that guarantees daily frustration; after all, we have to fight against our own species when it comes down to it. We hurt or disobey each other. No-one out there does this harm to us. It is ourselves! And therefore I think we should stop complaining and start working on a better world. And each and everyone can start within their own surrounding. And this is what this album is about.”

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