Monday, October 15, 2012

Metal band Therion announces important changes

The group from Sweden will cease production of future albums to create a Metal/Rock opera

Christofer Johnsson, founder of Therion announces that the group will not make any more albums or go on regular tour for the next five to ten years. The reason for this pause after 25 years of hard work is non other than the creation of a real metal/rock opera.

Paid by Christofer himself due to differences with their record label, Nuclear Blast, Therion’s latest album “Fleurs du mal”, can be bought during concerts or at their official store for the price of 15euros. Their last tour, The Flowers of Evil Tour will present new themes and revisit old classics as well as take advantage of the presence of a keyboard player among their team to play songs such as Land of Canaan or Via Nocturna, which make no sense without that key element.

Besides this final tour, Therion is in the process of creating a special art and musical project to celebrate their 25 years as a band. Also in lieu of this, Christofer will spend as much time as possible at the merchandise stands, answering questions, signing CD’s or taking pictures with fans.

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