Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finnish metal band Negative take one year off

Jonne Aaron performing at the Madrid 2011 show.

In an interview published by finnish magazine, Iltalehti,on February 5th, Jonne Aaron, leader of emotional rock'n'roll band, Negative, announced that the band will be taking a year off. Though the decision was hard to make, Jonne believes that on the long run this will benefit the group, and they will come back even sharper next year. 
The singer, which has gained enormous popularity after participating in the musical program Vain elämää confirmed via Facebook that he will be publishing a solo CD this spring, followed by a tour.

Created in 1997, Negative has published 6 CD's so far:  War of Love (2003), Sweet & Deceitful (2004), Anorectic (2006), Karma Killer (2008), God likes your style (2009) and Neon (2010). The rock'n'roll group is currently made up by Jonne Aaron (voice), Antti Anatomy (bass), Jay Slammer (drums), Mr. Snack (keyboard) and Hata Salmi (guitar).

The band's last concert will take place in Salo, Finland on March 15th. All their shows for the summer of 2013 have been cancelled.

Leer en español: La Huella Digital

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